My Oulu: Vote on the use of 70 000 euros

Football goals in Hiironen were replaced with new ones last year with the help of the participatory budgeting. Photo: Hanna Sankala-Sivula


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Oulu residents get to decide how to use 70 000 euros to improve everyday matters in the city. Diverse proposals from various fields take part in the vote. The vote includes proposals relating to, for example, sports, outdoor activities, culture and urban environment.

Voting on the Osallistu Oulu website

Every resident in Oulu that is 13 years of age (this year) or older can vote. When voting, each voter can choose several proposals for the whole sum or just one that is personally significant. After the vote, based on the results, the city will implement the ideas that receive the most votes and fit into the budget of 70,000 euros.

Voting will take place electronically by identification through banking credentials or mobile ID. Students studying in the schools of the City of Oulu can also vote with their own MPASSid credentials. More detailed information on voting is available on Osallistu Oulu website.

The city responded to all ideas

In January and February, Oulu residents were asked to submit ideas to improve their areas and the whole city on the Osallistu Oulu website. The ideas were considered and further developed by the city’s experts and different operators.  

All proposals fit for implementation were put to vote. All ideas provided are visible on the Osallistu Oulu website. The city responded even to those that did not proceed to voting this time. Various divisions of the city have also been notified of all given proposals.

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