My Oulu: OuluBot answers residents’ questions

The bot understands English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish but speaks mostly Finnish at the moment. The more OuluBot is used, the better it learns.


Julkaistu: Kirjoittaja: Sanna Riikka Johanna Häyrynen

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OuluBot provides Oulu residents with extensive and multichannel information 24/7 at website.

OuluBot is Finland’s first digital customer service agent that combines AI and software robotics. OuluBot’s development work and test-use are now completed, and the project is moving to production.

”Feedback from our employees and citizens has been very positive. OuluBot can correctly answer up to 80 percent of questions concerning, for example, public transport, berths, tourism, parking, and Oulu Self-Care. The more OuluBot is used, the better it learns. Our trained experts, so-called bot whisperers, are responsible for teaching the bot”, says Veli-Matti Keloneva, Development Director of the City of Oulu.

OuluBot’s thorough development work aimed to produce innovations and solutions that better serve residents’ needs. In the future, OuluBot will also feature voice control, authentication and personalized services for end-users, and new location-based services.

OuluBot project is funded by Business Finland. Collaboratively responsible for the project delivery are Digital Workforce, an intelligent automation services company, and Front AI, which specializes in automation solutions that utilize conversational artificial intelligence.

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