My Oulu: 10 years of unique day care collaboration between the city of Oulu and the University of Oulu

Students get to practice teaching small children in the Lastu Daycare Centre located in the Faculty of Education facilities at the University of Oulu campus. Picture: Mikko Törmänen / University of Oulu


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Already for ten years, the city of Oulu and the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the University of Oulu have collaborated together on unique early childhood education and care. The collaboration of early childhood education and care, teacher education and scientific research is concretely realized in the Open Daycare Centre Lastu and the Sampola Daycare Centre.

The Sampola Daycare Centre and the Open Daycare Centre Lastu operate as the University of Oulu’s Faculty of Education and Psychology’s teacher education daycare centres and early childhood education and care research and development daycare centres. The Open Daycare Centre Lastu is located in the faculty facilities in Linnanmaa. Early childhood education and care students practice teaching small children in the aforementioned daycare centres at different stages of their studies.

The cooperation daycare centres offer unique conditions for research as well. Data collected with modern technology from the daycare centres is utilized as research and teaching materials. The research results are utilized in the development of daycare pedagogy and teacher education.

The ten-year anniversary of the collaboration was celebrated on the National Early Childhood Education Day, March 14, in the Open Daycare Centre Lastu at the University of Oulu. Local decision-makers and key collaboration partners gathered there to familiarize themselves with the everyday operations of early childhood education and care, research and teaching in the daycare centre. One of the speakers during the event was the city of Oulu’s Director of Education and Culture Mika Penttilä.