My Oulu: The new OYS Hospital’s A and B buildings will begin operations in late 2024 – the second development phase begins

The new OYS Hospital will be Pohde’s and the whole Northern Finland’s hospital. In its entirety, it is a massive project. The picture comes from the initiation phase of the project in 2020. Picture: Juuso Haarala

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OYS2030, the project to renew the University Hospital of Oulu (OYS) which serves the wellbeing services county of North Ostrobothnia, Pohde, and the entire Northern Finland is progressing. Patients will be treated in the new A and B buildings as planned in October-November of 2024.

Both the A and B buildings have progressed to the mobilization phase; the buildings have been transferred from the alliance to the wellbeing services county for furnishing, equipping, operation simulation and staff training.

The realization process of the new hospital is launching the next development phase that includes the C building and the underground car park. The C building is planned to include polyclinic operations as well as education and training facilities among other facilities. Detailed use of the space will be planned during the development phase.

The construction is estimated to continue until 2029

The development phase is estimated to last from November to December 2024. The phase’s estimated cost is approximately 4,53 million €. It consists mostly of different planning costs that include architectural, constructional and technical building service planning and floor planning, fixed hospital equipment and traffic planning.

During the development phase, the possibility of shared facility arrangement in the C building will be discussed with the University of Oulu, University Properties of Finland Lmt., the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the city of Oulu.

The F building, which is currently being constructed, and the C building which is progressing into the development phase, and all acquisitions included, are realized as an alliance contract. The customer and the project supervisor NCC Suomi Oy form an alliance organization together with Siemens Oy, the automation contractor the customer already signed a programme contract with. The construction is estimated to take place in the years 2025-2029.

An expensive project

The confirmed target total cost of the constructions that will be built during the second phase, the F and C buildings, is 358,2 million €. The estimate includes the estimated cost of 17 million € for the underground car park.

The phase includes the alliance’s development and realization phases that consist of planning, construction preparation, new construction and technical building services. Additionally, the acquisitions include equipment chosen by the customer, such as fixed hospital equipment, non-fixed furnishing, security and communications technology and additional construction. The estimated total cost of these is 140 million €.

The C building is included in Pohde’s Investment Plan for 2024-2027 that is currently waiting for approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Ministry of Finance has authorized the taking of an additional loan that will cover the realization cost of the C building. The beginning of the implementation phase will be decided on separately. The implementation phase order is estimated to be decided on by Pohde’s Regional Administration in late 2024.