My Oulu: Participatory budgeting is back – this year the citizens will decide how to spend 240 000 euros in Oulu

These are some of the ideas realized by last year's participatory budgeting in Oulu.

My Oulu


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The city of Oulu’s participatory budgeting began on Monday January 15 with the idea period. The budget reserved for realizing ideas of participatory budgeting has been tripled: this year 240 000 euros will be used to enhance the well-being and comfort of the citizens of Oulu.

In participatory budgeting, the citizens of Oulu get to come up with ideas and decide how the sum is spent. The idea period lasts for two weeks, until January 28. During the idea period, anyone is allowed to present their ideas on the Osallistu Oulu website.

After the idea period, all ideas that meet the participatory budgeting criteria and are realizable are further developed into voting proposals together with city experts and different operators.

Voting in the spring

Later in the spring, the citizens will be invited to vote on which ideas the city will realize. Based on the voting results, the city will realize the proposals that received the most votes and fit into the budget of 240 000 €. The participatory budgeting ideas proposed must be realizable between June and December of this year.

All the proposed ideas for participatory budgeting for the years 2021–2023 can be seen on the Osallistu Oulu website. You may also read the city’s responses about their realization possibilities. Additionally, the website includes information about the votes and realizations of the same years.

The goal of participatory budgeting is to increase the citizens’ possibilities to influence and participate as well as to increase dialogue between the city and its citizens.