My Oulu: Oulu launches new, open database for startup ecosystem

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The total value of startups in Oulu is already EUR 3.2 billion. Local start-ups raised €115 million in new funding in 2021. To help these companies and future ones, a Dealroom platform has now been published in Oulu to map and maintain up-to-date information and investments.

The Oulu Dealroom database contains information about startups, new innovations, investors, funding rounds and many other matters concerning business operations in the Oulu region.

”This is a handy tool for different stakeholders. The database collects public information available on the Internet about Oulu’s companies, startups and other stakeholders in the ecosystem. This can benefit anyone who is interested in the local ecosystem. For example, founders, investors and international organizations and partners,” says expert Viera Karam from BusinessOulu.

Matcmaking feature

The new database provides the most detailed picture of oulu’s startup community to date, in addition to which it is constantly being developed. Oulu has taken inspiration from Helsinki, among other places.

”This launch is part of a larger national launch in collaboration between BusinessFinland and Dealroom . Helsinki has been using Dealroom for a couple of years now, and Oulu is taking the platform into use together with Turku, Espoo and Tampere,” says Viera Karam.

All startups, investors, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem can add information about their companies and organizations to the database, as well as customize their profiles as needed, thus sharing openly available, real-time information about the community. It is also hoped that the platform will further improve the international visibility of the Oulu region as a hub for technology and innovation, as well as an investment target.

”We will also use this in our customer support, investment activities and marketing of the city. We promote this among local startups so that they can strengthen their operations and use a matchmaking tool.  Dealroom can connect local startups with local and international investors. This can also be used in exhibitions and other events where Oulu is represented,” Karam sums up.

The database on oulu startup ecosystem can be found at this link.