My Oulu: Looking for a meeting place for your hobby? – the city of Oulu published a presentation video about its community facilities

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The city of Oulu published a presentation video about its community facilities and their possible uses. There are over ten community facilities in different parts of Oulu, and they are meant for all citizens of Oulu to be used as meeting places for group activities and hobbies.

The community facilities, also known as residents’ houses, are located around the city and offer diverse activities such as meals, hobby groups, computer guidance, sewing services and volunteer work. The community facilities are run by the city of Oulu’s partner associations.

The presentation video was needed; even though the community facilities have been active for a long time, many citizens of Oulu did not know what services the facilities offer. For example, the facilities can be booked for personal use for a small charge.

The customers speak on the video

The customers and volunteer workers as well as community facility staff members speak on the video about their experiences.

“The video explains the essential information about how the citizens of Oulu can utilize community facilities. Who would be better to explain the community facilities than the customers themselves”, the scriptwriter and producer of the video the city of Oulu’s Participation and Interaction Designer Maiju Teeriaho explains.

A shorter social media version and a longer 10-minute presentation documentary have been produced.

“There are different uses for both videos. The longer video can be used as an informative presentation, for example, for different announcements and clubs. The videos are published on the city of Oulu YouTube channel and can be watched and used by anyone”, Teeriaho mentions.

The city of Oulu’s community facilities offer many different possibilities for recreation as well as employment, volunteer work and meetings.

Both videos are available with English subtitles.