My Oulu: Junior Chamber of Oulu is searching for the International Employer of 2024 – competition registration is currently open

Timegate Instruments was chosen as Oulu’s International Employer of 2022. Picture: BusinessOulu

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The International Employer of the Year in Oulu competition is searching for organizations in the Oulu region that have successfully recruited, onboarded, and retained immigrants and international talents.

The competition is organized in collaboration with JCI Oulu, Oulu Chamber of Commerce and the International House of BusinessOulu. The winner of the competition will be nominated in the JCI Finland national competition. The nomination period lasts from February 26 until March 17.

“The goal of the competition is to highlight the success stories of employers and encourage more organizations to recruit foreign professionals who are in key positions in the Oulu region’s future of economic growth”, the organizers explain.

All businesses and organizations that have actively invested in building a multicultural and diverse workplace and successfully recruited and retained immigrant workers and international talents may enter the competition.

Last time, in 2022, the title was won by Oulu’s Timegate Instruments. Internationality is visible in Timegate’s everyday activities; workers use different problem-solving tools, produce innovative ideas and support each other with their skills and experience which leads to more efficient performance. Additionally, multiple languages are spoken at the Timegate office which increases the diversity of the cultural environment.

More information about the JCI Oulu.