My Oulu: International House Oulu has served over 6000 customers throughout its first year

IH Oulu celebrated its first anniversary at BusinessAsema. Photos: Johanna Suutari

My Oulu

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International House Oulu (IH Oulu) recently celebrated its one year anniversary with a memorable event that highlighted its achievements and contributions over the past year.

Rikupekka Leinonen, Coordinator of IH Oulu, opened the event by gratefully noting that events of IH Oulu accumulated over 1600 attendees and the service point served over 6000 customers throughout the past year.

There has been a wide range of activities, including training sessions, board game nights, internship events, job fairs, and Linkedin workshops. These diverse events have provided valuable opportunities for networking, skill development, and community engagement.

Keynote speaker Aicha Manai, CEO of Startup Refugees, illuminated the evolving corporate culture in Finland and the importance of diversity and inclusion. She highlighted the need for organizations to adapt to the ongoing demographic changes.

The event continued with an engaging exercise, prompting guests to envision themselves in their dream careers by 2027 and strategize the steps needed to achieve their goals.

Keynote speaker Aicha Manai is the CEO of Startup Refugees.

The event also featured an insightful panel discussion with international workers from Finnish organizations, offering perspectives on navigating the Finnish working culture.

These discussions emphasized the importance of transferrable skills, adaptability, and cultural diversity in the workplace. Furthermore, sharing practical tips for job hunting, such as CV enhancement, utilizing Linkedin, networking, and persistence, were shared to empower attendees in their career pursuits.

As a culmination of the event, IH Oulu ambassadors Eduardo Acosta, Bev Adero, Fahmida Sarker, Pavani Nirmalika and Jun Nakamura announced the winner of IH Oulu’s social media campaign, #WithIHOulu, Polina Popova.