My Oulu: German teachers fell in love with Oulu – Educational travel thrives in the city

Cultural group teaching coordinator Eija Laasonen-Tervaoja from the city of Oulu told the Germans about language teaching. Picture: Martta Tervonen

My Oulu

Julkaistu: Kirjoittaja: Martta Tervonen

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A German educational travel group visited Oulu in February as part of a trip organized by the Erasmus+ program. The collaboration with the city of Oulu provided the group of teachers with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Finnish school system and multidisciplinary teamwork, while also gaining new ideas for their own work.

The group’s program included visits to several schools in Oulu: Niemenranta School, Hiukkavaara School, Kiiminkipuisto School and Madetoja Music Upper Secondary School. Additionally, they had the chance to learn about Finnish teaching practices and solve various problems related to their field through group work.

When we asked the group’s coordinator, Judith Hilmes, why Oulu was chosen as the educational travel destination, she responded happily with a laugh: ”Because we love this city!” The teachers were particularly impressed by the high level and diversity of schools in Oulu. They also praised the organization of the visit: everything was well-organized and ran smoothly according to schedule.

Kristiina Kangas from the city of Oulu tells that educational visits in Oulu are thriving:

“This year we have received different groups almost every week. Visitors come from all over the world. The German groups visits usually three times per year. Visits have different themes such as Finnish Education, Multiprofessional Collaboration, Sustainability and STEAM. The course programs include for example visits to schools or kindergartens and expert sessions and discussions on selected themes.”

In addition to the official program, the visit included more relaxed activities. During their visit, the group enjoyed the warmth of the sauna on Koivuranta’s sauna raft and the tranquility of Koitelinkoski (Koiteli rapids) nature area. They also experienced local life through a Kärpät ice hockey game and walking on the frozen sea ice in Nallikari.

”Teachers can be very stressed in their work, which is why we want to organize these types of trips specifically to Oulu. Here, there is a peaceful atmosphere, and all the locals are so kind. The trip also offers a small, relaxing vacation for teachers.”

The German visitors stayed at the Scandic Hotel right in the heart of Oulu’s city center. The accommodation was chosen for its central location: almost all the visit sites were within a comfortable walking distance, and it was easy to visit one of the city’s restaurants in the evenings.

Overall, the German educational tourism group expressed great satisfaction with their visit to Oulu. The trip not only provided them with professionally interesting content but also offered the opportunity to enjoy the winter atmosphere and local experiences of the northern city.