A meeting cube can be reserved at Pekuri Library – Citizens get to test new digital solutions in Oulu

The cube can be reserved at the library or in advance on your smart device.

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In late 2023, the Pekuri Library acquired a six-person SmartBlock meeting cube for customer use. The cube is a soundproofed space that customers can reserve for their own use for an hour at a time free of charge.

The space is fully accessible for wheelchair customers as well. Smart sensors observe the space and transfer its occupation status to the booking system.

In accordance with the city strategy, Oulu utilizes the possibilities of digitalization and develops practices that enhance the city’s activities. As part of the city’s smart city objectives, digital solutions are available for the citizens for testing and use in the Pekuri Library.

Digital map for Pekuri Library

A digital map has been compiled of the spaces of the Pekuri Library. With the map, you can familiarize yourself with the library’s spaces and services digitally as well as read further details about them. From the map you will find, for example, the spaces that can be reserved in the Pekuri Library, such as the digital workshop equipment and the SmartBlock meeting cube.

The digital map presents the real-time booking status and makes booking easy.

Innovation manager Olli Rantala explains that the space also includes IoT sensors. IoT stands for the Internet of Things.

“These sensors measure volume, temperature, air humidity and presence in the space. With them we can make similar spaces, current and future ones, more functional and enhance customer experience”, Rantala explains.

Customers can give feedback about the trial with a survey that will be conducted at a later date. Additionally, feedback can be given via the city’s and the library’s own feedback channels.