My Oulu

My Oulu: Good team spirit is the strength of the 70-year-old Oulu Conservatoire – teachers can learn from their students
My Oulu: How does Oulu taste like – Arctic Food Lab takes local flavors to the world
My Oulu: Oulu Symphony Orchestra celebrates Kaija Saariaho with the lead of her daughter, Aliisa Neige Barrière
My Oulu: From Oulu to Mijas – Woolman’s Pasi Vuorio works from Spain
My Oulu: Oulu-based MeKiwi launched Finland’s most expensive VR game – the second part of the popular game digs deeper into the narrative
My Oulu: Oulu launches new, open database for startup ecosystem
My Oulu: Chief Conductor Rumon Gamba thinks music is at its best with a live orchestra – the Oulu Symphony Orchestra launches its autumn season with masterpieces
My Oulu: The Air Guitar World Championships remains Oulu’s most visible event abroad
My Oulu: Ukrainian Alisa, 18, found a job at Kotipizza: “You do not have to know all the tricks of the trade when you start working in this field”
My Oulu: The Friendship Family Programme will start again at university – the friendship between locals and international students may last a lifetime
My Oulu: Local orientation and history should be seen more extensively in Oulu
My Oulu: Oulu Pride has enhanced equality for 25 years already
My Oulu: Valve School of Literary Arts celebrates books and reading - Oulu invests in education in literary arts